Fatima Camiloza

Photo courtesy of Skycar Creative and Adobe

Fatima is a compelling and prolific illustrator with experience working as part of a creative team under high-stakes and time-critical conditions.  She delivers eye-catching illustrations across multiple media, has excellent communication skills, and works at a pace that drives projects to timely completion.  Fatima has provided artwork for traditional video games, alternate reality game-play, educational game-play applications, graphic novels and comic books, and more.  Her art and process has been used to showcase new illustration and rendering software applications.  Specifically, she has worked within the World Bank Group, Adobe Systems, and Osmo.  Fatima is a gifted communicator and collaborator, works quickly without sacrificing quality, and brings a strong understanding of the larger purpose of the group to her individual tasks.  She is a creative professional who will uplift the rest of her team with her imagination, productivity, camaraderie, and drive.